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Happy Holidays!

I see a father reading Peppa Pig to his son.  


You can help purchase engaging books for families in León.


I hear a girl giggle when the wolf's plans keep getting foiled by those pigs.  


You can donate to keep those story hours going.


Make a donation and stand in solidarity with

The Curiosity Circle.  

Let's keep nurturing curiosity in Nicaragua.

Twin Engine Coffee
Enjoy a delicious cup of Twin Engine coffee or tea while supporting The Curiosity's Circle work of nurturing curiosity in Nicaragua.
Elefante is a Reserve coffee, crafted 100% from the rare Maragogype coffee varietal.  Because these beans are larger than the typical Arabica bean they are dubbed 'Elephant Beans'. Maragogype beans have tremendous body, creaminess, and oils that make for an extraordinary cup of coffee. Some of the tasting notes include cocoa, red fruit, citrus, and earthiness.
Estate Blend is a Flagship coffee, exhibiting what is great about Nicaraguan coffee. Specialty-grade Caturra and Bourbon varietals from Jinotega allow you to experience the classic Nicaraguan coffee profile.  Sparkles of fruit, citrus and earthiness reveal themselves. This blend has been carefully roasted to a medium roast.
Twin Engine Coffees are single-origin, specialty-grade Nicaraguan coffees.  This local craft roaster showcases Nicaraguan coffee profiles through professional selection and small-batch roasting.  All the while, creating new opportunities and coffee knowledge for the community in León.

- Grown, harvested, roasted and bagged in Nicaragua 
- 300g, ground coffee
- Free shipping
- Learn more about 
Twin Engine Coffee
Twin Engine
Coffee Berry Tea
The Coffee Berry Tea consists of 100% hand-picked coffee berries from the northern mountainous regions of Nicaragua.  These dried, organic coffee berries make a wonderful hot or cold tea.

- Grown, harvested and bagged in Nicaragua 
- 120g, dried coffee berries
- Free shipping
- Learn more about 
Twin Engine Coffee
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