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We believe curious people can create a better world.

Join us to help fight poverty by nurturing a child's curiosity through literacy.

Literate people enjoy more health, safety, and higher incomes.  Their curiosity inspires creative solutions to the challenges of poverty. 

We work with schools, communities and organizations to lend books to nurture curiosity.  We teach the importance of literacy and how they can enable others to achieve their full potential.

​The Curiosity Circle is an independent initiative but receives fiscal sponsorship through SuNica, another excellent organization improving education in Nicaragua.

The donation form offers the payment options of PayPal or credit/debit card.  Need help to pay with credit/debit?


When you set up a recurring monthly donation, you become part of The Giving Circle. We’ll send you a beautiful product made by artisans in Nicaragua as a thank you gift.  


Your gift will spark conversations about how you’re working to alleviate Nicaraguan poverty by helping kids cultivate their curiosity and develop their love of learning.

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Keeping Kids Curious

Kids need two things to stay curious: information and nurturing.

The Curiosity Circle's programs are focused on sparking a love of reading and getting books in homes and schools.  We also show teachers and caregivers how to help kids: read more, discover their interests, develop a general love of learning, and learn how to find answers to their own questions.


for Curiosity

Help us bring more people into The Curiosity Circle to create more solutions to poverty.

Dare to do something new and creative like grow a mustache.  Ask for donations for motivation!


Remember how much money was raised when people filmed themselves doing the ice bucket challenge??!

Stay Curious

Sign up to get beautiful stories about underprivileged children experiencing the joy of learning.


Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat

We believe that curiosity is the key to helping underprivileged children succeed in school and life.
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