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We believe curious people can create a better world.

Donate To Help

Fight poverty by nourishing a child’s curiosity.

When you set up a recurring monthly donation, you become part of The Giving Circle. We’ll send you a beautiful product made by artisans in Nicaragua as a thank you gift.  Your gift will spark conversations about how you’re working to alleviate Nicaraguan poverty by helping kids cultivate their curiosity and develop their love of learning.

Hand-woven blankets

Local family coo

Hand-woven blankets.
Twin Engine Elefante Coffee
Twin Engine Elefante Coffee
The weavers
Twin Engine Estate Blend Coffee
Weaver Daniela holding the twin.
Twin Engine Estate Blend
Hand-built looms
Twin Engine Elefante Reserve Coffee
Throw blanket
Harvesting Twin Engine Coffee
The weaving room
Twin Engine Coffee Plant
Twin Engine Elefante Coffee
Weavers at work
Quality control Twin Engine Coffee
Twin Engine Elefante Coffee
Map of Twin Engine Coffee Farmers
Twin blanket
Weaver Liliam holding the throw.

Keeping Kids Curious

Kids need two things to stay curious: information and nurturing.

The Curiosity Circle programs are focused on getting more books in homes and teaching caregivers to help kids: read more, discover their interests, develop their love of learning, identify their unique learning style and learn how to find answers to their own questions.

The Curiosity Circle's literacy program nurtures curiosity in communities in Nicaragua

Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat

We believe that curiosity is the key to helping underprivileged children succeed in school and life.

Stay Curious

Sign up to get beautiful stories about underprivileged children experiencing the joy of learning.


Looking for ideas about how to spark your child’s curiosity in what life is like in other countries? We’ll send some tips about that too.


for Curiosity

Help us bring more people into The Curiosity Circle to create more solutions to poverty.

Do something new.  Ask for donations when you're done. Be creative! Remember the amazing amount of money made through the campaign of throwing ice cold water on yourself while filming it and asking your best pals to do the same??!

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