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Twin Engine Estate Blend Coffee
Twin Engine Estate Blend
Twin Engine Nicaraguan Coffee Region
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Twin Engine Nicaraguan Coffee Plants
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Twin Engine Coffee:
Estate Blend
Set up a monthly donation and we'll send you this bag of artisan coffee as our thank you gift.
Twin Engine Coffees are single-origin, specialty-grade Nicaraguan coffees.  This local craft roaster showcases Nicaraguan coffee profiles through professional selection and small-batch roasting.  All the while, creating new opportunities and coffee knowledge for the community in León.
A Flagship coffee, Estate Blend exhibits what is great about Nicaraguan coffee.  Specialty-grade Caturra and Bourbon varietals from Jinotega allow you to experience the classic Nicaraguan coffee profile.  Sparkles of fruit, citrus and earthiness reveal themselves.  This blend has been carefully roasted to a medium roast.
- Grown, harvested, roasted and bagged in     Nicaragua 
- 300g, Ground coffee

- Specialty-grade Caturra and Bourbon varietals   from Nicaragua's Jinotega region
- Free shipping, arrives within 4 - 6 weeks
- Learn more about 
Twin Engine Coffee

Twin Engine is committed to directly connecting Nicaragua's specialty coffees and our community's hard work to your cup.
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