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Design your own blanket
Hand-woven blankets
Daniela, a talented weaver
Hand-built loom
Talented weavers
Hand-built looms
Danelia was the first weaver
Weaving room
Liliam, a talented weaver
Weaving room
Daniela, a talented weaver
Spools of yarn
Weavers at work
Design Your Own Handmade Artisan 
Blanket - Queen
Set up a MONTHLY DONATION and we'll send you a custom queen-sized blanket as our thank you gift.  Choose your favorite colors and design.
This one-of-a-kind blanket will be woven by a family cooperative in León, Nicaragua.  This queen-sized blanket will be hand-woven on hand-built wooden looms using artisanal techniques taught by the older generations of the family. 
The blankets are created in an eco-friendly, sustainable and low-impact manner using solely the physical force and creativity of the artist.
- Made in Nicaragua from 100% cotton yarn
- 85in x 57.5in
- Free shipping
- Allow 6 - 8 weeks for shipping for custom  orders
- Learn more about the
You'll receive an email regarding how to start designing your own blanket!

Use this as a bed or sofa covering, picnic rug, blanket for a child to play on or around a fire pit.  
- 85in x 57.5in
- Machine wash on cold.  Hang to dry.
- 100% cotton yarn

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