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Donate to Nurture Curiosity


You get a handmade gift by Nicaraguan artisans!

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Monthly donations make the most impact for children and families! 

When you become a monthly donor, you become part of

The Giving Circle.

Artsan Gift

The Giving Circle

We know how good it feels for you to give a donation in support of an amazing program. You know how good it feels for us to receive that donation.
But we're throwing one more party in The Giving Circle: local León artisans.

When you set up a monthly donation, we'll send you a handmade gift made by León artisans and their families. And they'll feel good, too.

Your gift will spark conversations about how you’re working to alleviate poverty in Nicaragua by helping nurture kids' curiosity.

Your gift just keeps on giving.  The Giving Circle.
The Giving Circle
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