The blankets each have a base design for which the weavers prepare the loom.  Choose between herringbone, diamond and a horizontal weave.
Each blanket begins with a neutral cream colored base.  Consider the additional color(s) for your blanket.  
Now decide whether you want your blanket to have consistent color throughout, be divided in large blocks or to have stripes.  Feel free to be creative!  The weavers will let me know if we need to alter part of your design.
Write your preference in the form.  Be specific and include details regarding the placement of the colors you chose in #2.  
Read the following examples: 
  • Divide blanket into thirds: the first third is colored 9, second third 21, the final third 23
  • Use a consistent weave throughout except on the ends (using the colors I indicated in #2).  On the ends I want a thick natural colored stripe about four inches high.
  • Natural colored blanket throughout except colored stripes on the ends with 3 stripes alternating as follows: thin, thick, thin.  
  • Surprise me, just use the colors that I indicated in #2.
After you submit the form, I'll review your design, sketch it and send it back to you for your approval.  Then the weavers can begin!  You will receive your blanket in about 6 - 8 weeks.
Let's Begin!
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