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We've got a new set of wheels!  In July, we got the awesome news that we got a grant to buy a bookbus.

But to use the bus to its full potential, we need to hire more storytellers to spread books and cheer to more Nicaraguan families.

Here's where we need your help.  You
set up a monthly donation for an amount below*. Then we'll gratefully cross that amount off. 

When we cross off every number we'll be able to have 10 professional Nicaraguan storytellers leading 36 unique story hour sites/week.  We could reach 3,500+ children/month!  (And we'd be providing employment and healthcare for the storytellers, too!)

Become a monthly donor and let's cross off those numbers!

Thanks a million,  
Stephanie Pekrul 
Director of This Awesome Program
*As always, I love thanking you by sending one of my favorite Nicaraguan artisan products as a gift: coffee and hand-woven blankets.  Learn more.
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Style and color will vary.
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